Biyun Fruit Enzymes

 Biyun Fruit Enzymes
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Biyun Fruit enzymes

The powder contains fruit enzymes from strawberry, pineapple, papaya, blueberry, cherry and plum.

Mix 1 tablespoon of powder with 1 glass body-tempered water and drink like tea. If you drink in the morning and evening a can lasts for five days?

Detoxing the large intestine

Modern medical research shows that peoples aging and a variety of diseases derive mainly from the large intestine. There waste products accumulate in the body, resulting in toxins and other harmful substances. Today's people eat too much, partly wrong food, which forces the digestive system to host large amounts of toxins for a long time.

What does the health program mean?

The principle of Biyun's better health program is to use the fruit enzymes before breakfast and supper. It cleans the body from toxins accumulated in the body for many years. This reduces the load on the body, the stomach gets rested when waste products and toxins are cleaned out. The result is detoxification of the body, weight loss (if needed), beauty and alleviation of physical diseases. According to TCM, when the body is in a resting state, the body's skin cells absorb valuable energies from nature that help the body's nutritional functions. Disposal of waste, including stools, urine, sweat and carbon dioxide occurs naturally. This is an important part of Biyun's program for detoxification with better health and beauty as a result.

Against what imbalances does Biyun's program help?

Biyun's health program can help you achieve health effects in the following health problems: depression, insomnia, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperglycemia, heart disease, blood disorders, fat liver, hepatitis B, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, gastrointestinal, dry stools, constipation, hemorrhoids, gynecological diseases, rheumatic diseases, rhinitis, asthma, silicosis, systemic edema and bad breath.

Toxins cause obesity

Some people are overweight, maybe not always because they eat too much, but because of metabolic disorders in the body caused by accumulation of waste, toxins in the body. When waste and toxins increase more than the liver is capable of handling, fat stores and forms fatty tissue. The fat rests on the buttocks, arms, thighs and lower abdomen. The greater the imbalance and the more toxins, the more fat.

What is happening in the body?

The role of enzymes is to help remove toxins from the body and purify the blood. Biyun's Fruit enzyme is therefore an important ingredient in Biyun's program to cleanse the body from toxic substances, so it can work the best. What happens when toxins and excess fat are cleared out of the body is that the blood is being purified. When the blood is clean, it in turn helps the body to absorb more energy from nature. When the body is in balance, people with obesity become thinner and too thin people manage to gain weight. With clean channels and good circulation in the body, the skin is rejuvenated and has a youthful shine.

Drinking Biyun Fruit Enzyme gives amazing effects

Results show that in people using Biyun Fruit enzymes at least once a day for a month, the percentage of body fat and abdominal fat decreases significantly more than those who do not drink Biyun's fructose enzymes. The longer period of time you carry this treatment to drink fruit enzymes, the clearer the fat burning.

For instance you can take fruit enzymes morning and evening the first month. The second month only in the morning and the third month every other morning.

The Biyun Academy recommends that you combine the Fruity enzymes with the following diet


2 cooked organic eggs, unsweetened yogurt and muesli


Chicken, pork or beef and brown rice. 

Vegetarian options; Tofu, celery, carrot, broccoli, mushroom, sweet potato and brown rice.


Apple, kiwi, tomatoes. 

Salad, do not mix salad, but only one kind.

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