Guanyin Wang

 Guanyin Wang
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Guan Yin, whose full name in Chinese is read guanshiyin, or "(the person who) hears the world's sound (suffering)", is a female Bodhisattva, the goddess of compassion and mercy in the Buddhist tradition.

The tea has all the qualities you would expect a female Buddha to have; It is an extremely smooth and soothing tea. Its scent is sweet and deep, like the smell of white orchid, and drinking it makes you feel comfortable immediately.

People in China spend a fortune for this high grade Guan Yin tea. It can only be produced in the Anxi county, Southern Fujian province. Its production is the most complicated of all teas in China. After picking, there are 18 steps to follow for the tea to become ready to drink, involving 40 hours of constant work and watchfulness.

This one is specifically Guan Yin ‘Wang’, which means ‘The King of Guan Yin’ - the highest range available. Guan Yin is an Oolong tea and is often called a ‘half-way tea’, carrying the flavour and healing qualities of both green and black tea in one.

Weight: 50g

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