Fan Xiulan E-health

We would like to offer you the opportunity to get advice and help with your health. Therefore, we have started a service we call "Fan Xiulan E-health". A free service which we hope you will appreciate.

Use like this:
Email us your answers to the following questions to with the title "E-health", we will respond as quickly as we can.

Your name:


Do you practice Qigong?
Which methods have you learned so far, how long have you been practicing?

A description of your health condition.

Appetite, diet and eating habits

Digestive, how often do you go to the toilet, how are the stools (loose, dry, sticky, etc.), is something undigested, nausea, belching, acid reflux, heartburn, bloating, pain, swelling, gas, hemorrhoids, etc.

Thirst and urinary tract
If you prefer cool or heat


Sleep; dreams, feel rested etc.

Energy; alert?

Menstruation; pain, much/little blood, long/short periods, regularity, etc.



Other personal habits; exercise, smoking, alcohol, drugs, medications and supplements

If you have children, how many, how did the birth go

Are there any problems in:
The head area; dizziness, hair, etc.
Eye nose / sinuses mouth; teeth, gums, blisters, dry mouth, etc.
Throat / neck back chest;
Heart, pressure, respiration, etc.
Genital area
Arms and legs
Skin and nails