Panax Notoginseng

 Panax Notoginseng
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Panax notoginseng (San Qi, Tienchi Ginseng)

Panax is derived from the Greek word panacea, which can be translated as miracle cure or "heals everything." Various forms of Ginseng has been used in medicine for more than 7,000 years. Several species grow around the world, and though some are recommended for specific benefits, all are considered to have the common property as an effective general rejuvenator. The roots can live for over 100 years.


  • ginsenosides
  • flavonoids
  • glycans (panaxans)
  • maltol
  • peptides
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin B6 and other B vitamins


  • adaptogen [strengthens the body and helps it to be restored after stress]
  • anti-arrhythmia
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-haemorrhagic [stops bleeding]
  • cardioprotective
  • lowers cholesterol
  • helps in bone fractures

The herb is sweet, slightly bitter and warm.

Notoginseng powder can be used as cosmetic cream. Mixing the powder with honey and used as a facial mask. It warms, calms the restless mind, anti-aging effect, eliminates and reduces wrinkles and age spots.

Especially for female beauty, skin care, protecting the skin, improving the skin's appearance, making the skin soft and increased flexibility.

Weight: 100g

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