Snow Chrysanthemum buds

 Snow Chrysanthemum buds
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Snow chrysanthemum produced in the Tibetan mountains in Xinjiang province.

At 3,000 meters, it is the only chrysanthemum flower on the planet that grows wild above the snow line. Thanks to its unique habitat the flower also has unique health benefits.

Drinking snow chrysanthemum tea is good against high blood lipids, softens blood vessels, removes waste, promotes fluid balance, prevent heart disease and have good effect against diabetes. Snow chrysanthemum is also bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and prevent the common cold.

Experts agree that the flower is particularly good against heart disease and for people who suffer from high cholesterol. Prolonged consumption of snow chrysanthemum can often have good effect on insomnia.

Add 3-4 flowers in a cup and poor on boiling hot water, let rest for a few minutes. Drink 3-4 cups daily for the best health effect.

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