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Moxibustion box

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A practical wooden box that holds a moxa stick on adjustable distance from the body. A high-tech filter greatly reduces the smoke generation.
It comes with 40 high quality mugwort sticks (herb used for moxa) which is one of China's famous Chinese herbal medicines.

The main advantage of the Moxa box is that you save money on medical expenses, it does not occupy working hours, does not affect your normal activities, you can carry the box with the flexible band on different parts of the body, it provides a comfortable self-treatment with moxibustion!

A 40-minute treatment can give you a great deal of results!
According to TCM, moxibustion can strengthen Yang qi and help the original energy.

Moxibustion counteracts cold in the body which can cause many different problems. It can act against tumors, help menstruation and discharge problems.
Moxibustion can also improve blood circulation, in women it can strengthen the pelvis, prevent myoma, tumors, blood stagnation, relieve the effect of dampness, can eliminate inflammation, reduce pelvic discharge, prevent adherence to the fallopian tube.

The buttocks of the body can be linked to the male and female reproductive system, these are inseparable from health. Using moxibustion on "Ba Liao" or the eight holes located on the sacrum can activate the hip meridian and start the blood circulation. It can help against various problems around the genital area. For men, the main causes of impotence are lack of blood. Many boys sit long periods in front of the computer, it slows blood circulation and can lead to prostatitis, hyperplasia, frequent urination and prostate cancer!

Everyone can get good results from moxa.

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