Stillness in preschool and school - Anna Bornstein

 Stillness in preschool and school - Anna Bornstein
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The book is written in Swedish.

Children and students need a calm and safe environment to feel good and learn. Anna Bornstein shows in "Silence in preschool and school" how we create this environment, based on twenty years of experience of silence methodology in preschool, elementary school and high school. Methodology is based on four forms of exercise - silence, touch, reflection and movement (qigong / yoga) - and has evolved into the ideal association Dream of the Good. The teachers 'work and the students' responses are described, as well as the design and effects of the exercises. The book is aimed at educators, school leaders and anyone who realized the importance of silence for children and young people.

Date of issue: October 30, 2017

Here you can read a sample of the book

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