Qi Gong, according to Biyun - Let life energy return.

 Qi Gong, according to Biyun - Let life energy return.
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Qi Gong, according to Biyun - Let life energy return, by Fan Xiulan.
Language: Swedish

Qigong, the "health gymnastics" as practiced by so many Chinese, have been established in the West.
A very popular school is Biyun - the health preservation method.
Over 100,000 people have learned it in Sweden alone.

The Biyun method is presented here in words and images of its founder Fan Xiulan, Chinese physician.

She gives a deeply personal description of how as a child she was initiated into this powerful method from her grandmother, in adulthood she enabled her knowledge when she was hit by severe illness and so came to create her own school of medical qigong.

Instruction section is clear, easy to follow and is supplemented with details on what the various movements are aimed for.
With regular exercise, her methods can combat diseases and prevent illness. So, it has also been recognized for its health benefits and are now used in several counties, as reported in the book, along with the contributions of a number of practitioners.

Qigong, according to Biyun is based on an interaction with nature. The natural movements, natural focus of concentration and natural breathing brings positive vitality. If we add what Fan Xiulan talks about tea and food as medicine - and the Chinese wisdom of life - we have taken a major step towards promoting our health, both physically and spiritually.


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