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Himalayan Wisdom Meditation Music CD

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This unique inspirational music will help you to tune into your inner self. It enhances inner balance, health and longivity. Fan Xiulan, Marie Bergman and Lasse Englund has created a magical landscape of profound healing with voices, guitars and Tibetan singing bowls. The voices are like the wind in the Himalayas, dancing, whirling, whispering in the storm and roaring in the silence. Wisdom echoes in these timeless voices and mantras.
Relax and be welcome to enter profound calmness. Allow the melodies, the pulse and recitations flow through your body and soul and carry you to stillness and rejuvenation. This music will enhance your love, truth and wisdom.
Fan Xiulan was inspired by the sacred Mountain Kailash and the past masters of the Himalayas when she created this meditation music together with Marie Bergman and Lasse Englund. Fan Xiulan is a Qi Gong Grandmaster and doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her family has worked with and passed on this ancient healing traditions for many generations.
Fan Xiulan is the founder of Biyun Qi Gong and the Biyun Academy and has spread her method to over hundred thousand people in Scandinavia and Europe, North and South America and Asia.
Fan Xiulan created a strongly inspired atmosphere where she, Marie Bergman and Lasse Englund journeyed together to create this music. This meditative CD is the first in a series of inspirational, intuitional CDs to be created.

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